5 Really Smart Reasons

5 Really Smart Reasons
to Host a #SoccerFEST14 Event


1. It’s Nationwide – When volunteers, families, alumni and friends were asked how they thought AYSO should celebrate our 50th anniversary, they spoke loud and clear: have all of AYSO do some activity on the same day all across America. We loved the idea of being part of something nationwide.
2. Publicity in Your Community – It’s real news to bring a nationwide event to a community. You have tools and tips to get newspaper, digital, radio and even TV coverage of your #SoccerFEST14. A 50th anniversary, a world record, family, fitness and soccer fun – and a soccer event that kicks off just weeks before the USA heads to the World Cup in Brazil. That’s big news!
3. Registration Event – May 3 is one of the two largest registration weekends of the AYSO year. You can turn your registration into a #SoccerFEST14 event for returning and new players. Invite families from throughout your community to try AYSO for a day! Your current families are your best AYSO ambassadors. And if you can’t participate in #SoccerFEST14, try to still have your registration open so you can take advantage of all the attention that AYSO will get.
4. Your Choice – The size and scope of your #SoccerFEST14 is entirely up to you. 20, 200 or 2000 kids. It can just be a fun soccer day, turn it into a registration, fundraising or publicity event, or all three. The only limits are your enthusiasm, the engagement of your volunteers and the availability of a space to play.
5. Fundraising – Sell T-shirts (a design template will be in the #SoccerFEST14 Toolkit, but you can also create your own), sell local sponsorships, expand your snack-shack, add $1 carnival-type or other activities such as kicking a soccer ball through different size holes in a large piece of upright plywood. Offer prizes for success. Consider a higher price grown-up option. Charge for vendors. Invite food trucks and ask for a percentage of sales. You are only limited by your imagination! You can set any pricing for your #SoccerFEST14 event or make it free. The only required expense is $6 for every guest player to cover one-day Soccer Accident Insurance.
6. Yes, there were supposed to be 5 Reasons – But we couldn’t resist slipping a 6th very useful one in: Consider your #SoccerFEST14 day a great opportunity for a volunteer training event as well. If your facility allows, include classroom sessions. If it’s all outdoors, hold field sessions.