Come Play With Us!

May 3, 2014. Come Play With Us!
Celebrate AYSO’s 50th Anniversary across America



We need your help on May 3, 2014, for AYSO to set the World Record for #SoccerFEST14: The Biggest Pick-Up Game on Earth. We’re celebrating and spotlighting our 50th anniversary! AYSO is the first national youth soccer organization in America to reach this exciting milestone.

We need 100+ AYSO communities, stretching from Hawaii to New York and Montana to Key West, to make this the biggest one-day AYSO event ever. We need YOU!

Check out a fast presentation about #SoccerFEST14

DOLE®, the largest fruits and vegetable company in the world, has become the presenting sponsor of #SoccerFEST14. They’re providing a professional Public Relations agency to help us get media attention for #SoccerFEST14 events across the country, plus free pinnies, banners and healthy snacks for your event (as long as supplies last).

Here are useful links to get you started:

So What’s a “#SoccerFEST14”?

A quick explanation: #SoccerFEST14 is a one-day soccer tournament where individual players, and/or teams are shuffled and put on brand new teams with new teammates – pick-up style. Players end the day with several fun games under their belts and a bunch of new friends. The format is flexible and you can decide how casual or formal you’d like your #SoccerFEST14 event to be.

#SoccerFEST14 will serve as a family day, a fun day of soccer, and a way to showcase your AYSO Region in your community. It’s not a cut-throat tournament with championship brackets and trophies. It’s an event that celebrates AYSO’s Six Philosophies with an emphasis on soccer fun, family and fitness.

So Why the #?

Social media — Facebook, Instagram and especially Twitter — will be an important connection tool that will tie all of the #SoccerFEST14 events together, so we wanted our Twitter hashtag (that’s what # is called!) right in the name. You can still call it SoccerFEST14, you don’t need to “speak” the hashtag.

Meet The #SoccerFEST14 Squad

The #SoccerFEST14 Squad is a dedicated team in the AYSO Events Dept., on call to support #SoccerFEST14 events. They can answer your questions, find you resources, help you prep a budget or safety plan and much more. They are your go-to helpers! Contact them anytime at They’ll help find the right resource for you.