#SoccerFEST14 FAQ

#SoccerFEST14 FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions

What is #SoccerFEST14?
AYSO is aiming to set a world record for The Biggest Pick-Up Game on Earth. We need your help to make this possible – join with 100+ AYSO communities across the U.S. for #SoccerFEST14!

#SoccerFEST14 will be a one-day extravaganza for kids in your community to be shuffled onto temporary teams and play a series a fun pick-up style games. The event can be as big or small as you’d like – whatever works for you.

When is #SoccerFEST14?
#SoccerFEST14 is May 3, 2014. Register at AYSO.org/50 to make your Region, Area or Section event Official. Click on the #SoccerFEST14 tab.

Only official events can be counted for the record!

What’s in it for my Region?
Use #SoccerFEST14 to get Region media exposure for registration, community awareness, fundraising – or all three!

This is an opportunity for your Region to be spotlighted in your community. Being part of a nationwide event is NEWS. There will be local PR opportunities plus a nationwide publicity and social media campaign to tie all of the events together. We want to create the biggest bang possible for AYSO’s 50th Anniversary! This is the perfect time to have registration open, even if you choose not to host a #SoccerFEST14 event. Take advantage of that national publicity!

Does #SoccerFEST14 have a sponsor?
DOLE®, the largest fruits and vegetable company in the world, has become the presenting sponsor of #SoccerFEST14. There will be free healthy snacks, pinnies and signage shipped to #SoccerFEST14 events as long as supplies last. And, with their support, we also have a professional public relations firm as a resource helping with both local and national publicity.

Can we invite kids that aren’t registered in AYSO?
YES! This is a great opportunity to have new kids try AYSO. Or remind players that were with you in the past about trying AYSO again. To accommodate guest players, a one-day guest player Soccer Accident Insurance (SAI) program is available for $5 per player. All players will be encouraged to sign-up in advance (for planning purposes), but a Region can choose to also take walk-up players. If they register online, they can pay at that time. Or you can collect on-site.

A Non-Registered Participation form is also required from each guest player. The triplicate form must be signed in person, and returned to the National Office with $5 per player.

This official form (and it cannot be copied) can be purchased through the AYSO Supply Center. They come in packages of 50.

Some Regions have decided to cover the one-day $5 SAI cost as a registration marketing expense.

How do kids sign up?
Official #SoccerFEST14 events will each have an individual sign-up website created for them. This is only for this event. You can promote thisweb address in all your materials. You will also have an email list of all kids that sign up. Sign-up can be free or a Region can choose to charge a small fee. It’s your decision. However, a Region will be required to remit $5 per player for each non-AYSO player. That’s the only monies due to the National Office. The Region keeps any other monies raised.

Regions can also do on-site sign-up (manual or with onsite computers). But there is great convenience to having players sign up in advance. It lets you better plan logistics and makes the Region’s job easier.

What is a #SoccerFEST14 format?
#SoccerFEST14 is a uniquely AYSO playing format where individual players and/or whole teams are shuffled onto new teams so everyone makes new friends. It’s a casual, fun format that showcases all that is great about AYSO. It’s truly a pick-up game. It can be very casual or more traditional soccer, as it suits your Region.

There is a simple suggested format, but if you prefer it like more traditional soccer or have a format your Region already uses, that’s fine. The only requirement is that players are shuffled onto new teams.

We need at least 100 AYSO communities to participate in #SoccerFEST14, so please help AYSO set the World Record!

How big does our #SoccerFEST14 need to be?
#SoccerFEST14 is “organic” and can be whatever size you choose. 20 kids, 200, 2000 – it is only dictated by your enthusiasm, available fields and engagement of your volunteers. Every Region of any size or shape can be part of #SoccerFEST14!

Who can play?
It’s your decision. U-8 to U-19; boys, girls and/or co-ed. Pick just one or two divisions, or all of them. Whatever works for your Region.

You can also host U-5 and U-6 players but please use a Jamboree format. This is the most common entry level age to AYSO, so invite families from your community to join in and try your program! What could be better for registration success than to actually SHOW how much fun AYSO is?

We’ve been asked if adults can be included. We are currently exploring a one-day insurance option that could make that possible. Stay tuned! But if you have an AYSO Adult league, they are registered, insured and ready to play in your #SoccerFEST14 event.

So Why the #?
Social media — Facebook, Instagram and especially Twitter — will be an important connection tool that will tie all of the #SoccerFEST14 events together, so we wanted the hashtag (that’s what # is called!) right in the name. You can still call it SoccerFEST14…you don’t need to “speak” the hashtag.

What is the #SoccerFEST14 format you suggest?
The format can be very, very simple: 20 minutes games, 4-v-4 or 5-v-5 (regardless of age), 10 minutes between games, no goalkeepers, four #SoccerFEST14 fields will lay out on one full size soccer field. Pop-up goals, cones or corner flags and balls are all the equipment you need! You can make it just a couple of hours or all day.

However, the #SoccerFEST14 handbook also gives tips for a more formal format. You choose what works for you.

Are there tools to help me put on a #SoccerFEST14 event?
A #SoccerFEST14 handbook and a handy checklist is available. And there are helpers at the AYSO National Office if you have questions. They’ll find the answers for you—just email SoccerFEST@ayso.org.

A #SoccerFEST14 toolkit will go online in March with templates for email, postcards and flyers  that you can print locally to include your Region’s details. Also included are step-by-step instructions on how to boost coverage of AYSO by your local newspapers, TV, radio and websites.

Who Is The #SoccerFEST14 Squad?
The #SoccerFEST14 Squad is a dedicated team in the AYSO Events Dept. on call to support #SoccerFEST14 events. They can answer your questions, find you resources, help you prep a budget or safety plan and much more. They are your go-to helpers! Contact them anytime at SoccerFEST@ayso.org. They’ll help find the right resource for you.

Why May 3?
May 3 was selected because it one of the largest registration Saturdays of the year. If you choose, your Region can also turn this into a live registration event for new and returning players. May is also National Physical Fitness & Sports Month, presented by the President’s Council on Physical Fitness, Nutrition and Sports. What a perfect fit!

But what if we don’t do Registration in May?
Even if this is not a traditional registration date or time of year for your Region, consider opening it up to take advantage of the attention that AYSO will be getting. If you do registration events, add one in on that date. If you do 100 percent online registration, promote it to your members – past and present!

And/or if you get really ambitious, you can turn it into a community soccer happening. Invite everybody. Create a vendor area and other activities. Make it a bigger publicity opportunity and a chance to really showcase AYSO and the 50th Anniversary.

Do Volunteers Need To Be Safe Haven® Trained?
Yes. We hope you agree that the safety of our kids always comes first.

When will the #SoccerFEST 14 player sign-up website for our Region be available?
Regions must sign up for Corduro. If your Region is already registered with Corduro, please email SoccerFEST@ayso.org to let the #SoccerFEST14 Squad that you are ready to create your player registration site.

If your Region hasn’t signed up for Corduro yet, please visit https://onboard.corduro.com/eAYSOBoarding/eAYSO_Boarding.htm.

You will need your bank name, account number and routing number handy as well as a saved copy of a voided check to upload to their system.  When completing the application, the business DBA name is AYSO Region 200.  You have to enter a physical address versus a PO Box.  You can also order a swipe to use with the Pay Mobile application which can be used on any smart phone or i-Pad.

If the player sign-up websites are not connected to eAYSO, how do we know if the players are all AYSO registered players?
One of the questions asked during the registration process is if the player is an registered AYSO player. These sites also have the function to export the registration list, so Regions can easily compare the list to eAYSO.

Can we add/import players ourselves?
Currently at this point, there is no import functionality. Corduro is working on add this function.

How much should my Region charge?
YIf you are including guest players and have decided to charge a fee, the #SoccerFEST14 Squad recommends a minimum of $6 per player.

The one-day Soccer Accident Insurance (SAI) policy for guest players has a hard cost by our insurance company of $5. This is the only amount that must be remitted to the National Office. However, by charging $6 you will also cover the cost of the Non-Registered Player form (it’s a triplicate form that is required as an original and available from the AYSO Supply Center), any fees for using a credit card payment system and any onsite supplies costs. It gives you a little cushion.

Some Regions have decided to make their #SoccerFEST14 event free, absorb the SAI cost and consider it part of their marketing expenses. That’s great and is entirely a Region decision.

All Regions using the #SoccerFEST14 online sign-up system will automatically have a convenient statement sent by the National Office for payment of the guest players SAI fees. If you are doing it manually, you will need to calculate it yourself and remit accordingly.   If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us