Ordering for the 50th Anniversary


AYSO 50th Anniversary Uniform Logo Available Now!50thJersey

Click Here to Download the Uniform Logo and Instructions

For the first time in 50 years, a new AYSO uniform logo, celebrating our organization’s 2014 Golden Anniversary, will be available to wear starting in fall 2013. Here is an FAQ for all your logo needs.

Q: When can I start to order the 50th anniversary logo?
A: Immediately!

Q: When can my Region start wearing the logo on our uniforms?
A: Uniforms with the anniversary logo may be worn starting the fall 2013 season.

Q: How will my uniform company know about the 50th anniversary logo?
A: SCORE, the official uniform sponsor of AYSO, is all set up and ready to go. Information has been sent to other uniform suppliers we are aware of. If your uniform company is not familiar with this program and/or needs the artwork, please have them contact Shea McLaughlin or call (424) 221-7925.

Q: Must I use the 50th anniversary logo?
A: Regions are not required to apply the 50th anniversary logo on uniforms but it will be the default logo. (Regions will need to tell their uniform vendors if they prefer to continue with the traditional AYSO logo, otherwise the 50th anniversary logo will still be applied.)

Q: Can I have the 50th anniversary logo artwork to apply to other merchandise?
A: Yes, you can apply it to apparel, registration materials, banners, etc.

Q: How long is the 50th anniversary uniform logo approved for?
A: The logo can first be worn starting in the fall 2103 season, but the uniforms are good for the life of the uniform.

Q: When will the AYSO Traditional logo return for uniforms?
A: Actual application of the 50th anniversary uniform logo will end on Dec. 31, 2014 and AYSO will revert to the traditional AYSO logo.